Customized, inspiring, educational and comprehensive wellness programs aimed at improving wellness & quality of life.
Innergy Therapy Systems is available to provide customized, inspiring, educational and comprehensive programs designed to lead anyone seeking to become more active along a healthier and more productive path. This includes the following:


Innergy Therapy Systems has consulted with nutrition experts to help design a program that teaches the benefits of proper food choices and the physiological mechanisms that affect an employee's health, attitude and performance.

Body Mechanics

Often overlooked and misunderstood, an employee's poor body mechanics/posture is regularly the cause of costly injuries such as lower back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic headaches and tendinitis. The Innergy Therapy Systems Body Mechanics program addresses the specific movements involved with an employee's assigned task and teaches the proper techniques involved in preventing chronic injuries.

Customized Programs

All workplaces present various environmental, physical and psychological challenges that create unique stressor to employees. Innergy Therapy Systems offers the ability to develop a program suited specifically for your work site and employees.

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